Band Bio

 Kurtis Lee- Vocals/guitar
Robbie Sedano- Drums/vox
Anthony Ramirez- Bass
Dylan Jack- Guitar/Vox

"Dont try to pull me down I'm reaching a higher ground I don't need your support I only need my music loud."

Time is something you can't get back, something you can't slow down or rush. Much like time seven45 is constantly moving forward. Seven45's name reflects on that fact.The name is short and sweet, Singer Kurtis Lee emphasizes "I always wanted a simple band name kinda like the Ramones."

"Seven45 doesn't just play, they perform."

Seven45 is not your average rock band, instead of regurgitating the same old formula of pop rock they infuse genres ranging from punk to grunge to metal. Their influences include A7X, Mötley Crüe, Escape The Fate, Sublime, Seether, The Misfits, NIN, Papa Roach, Green Day,  MCR, Alice Cooper, etc. They don't limit themselves by sticking to one sound because they are always evolving.

Seven45 is hungry for success and will do anything it takes to get their message out there. They do everything for themselves and especially for their "Freaks"!
"It may sound arrogant but we are gonna be big." says Kurtis.

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